Week 2a ~ An “As You Wish” Trek

I’m the grandma in the pic. The two young beauties are two of my granddaughters. We LOVE adventuring life together. Our lives are FULL of curious wonderings and wander treks. We take pics of pink boots and mushrooms, whittle walking sticks, climb in treetops and create photo shoots for a plastic horse collection. The three of us are a happy team! This week I discovered something new. Our together experiences are probably bigger than merely “us” together. The sweet, loving God of the Universe very likely has His big, God hand in the mix too. Here’s how it went…

Thursday morning I wanted a smoothie. Experience taught me to go to Whole Foods Market, 1.2 miles from the ocean front hotel in Santa Monica my wonderful husband chose for our LA getaway. Realizing it takes awhile to get the car from valet parking, I decided to walk. While strolling, I watched the Pacific tide roll in and a woman on a mobility scooter walking a chihuahua with very quick little legs. Parents walked kids to school. Artful landscapers carefully sculpted bushes and blew grass clippings. Savoring a  stroll and a smoothie was a great Thursday fit!

When the lighted WALK signal flashed, I randomly crossed over to the sunny side of the street. Peacefully strolling and noticing, my attention was drawn to various small shops and storefronts. Continuing along, I passed by a sandwich board with the words FRESH PRESSED ORGANIC JUICE lettered in chalked pastels. I stopped, turned and walked into a small store. Colorful bottles of fresh-pressed juices lined the cooler shelves. I chose one. Sipping from that sweating-cold bottle of fresh, green juice, I continued my sunny trek to Whole Foods.

Parents, kids and dogs passed, along with two more blocks. Glancing left, I saw another sign for fresh juices and smoothies, partially hidden under a string of brown tiki grass. Could this be? Another fresh drink option? My organic, smoothie-junkie mind became quizzical. I went it. While waiting in line and inspecting the menu, I explained to a couple of people that I’d bumped into this shop on my way to Whole Foods. After completing a purchase, I left. Carrying cold cups of buzzed organic liquids in each hand, I continued toward Whole Foods.

Wait. I was full. Unfortunately, I couldn’t possibly drink another drop or carry another cup. Why should I? My Heavenly Father had graciously guided me to my hearts’ desire, (fresh, nourishing “wake-up food”) without walking the extra blocks to Whole Foods. Easy path. Delightful encounters. Beautiful views. I was filled with the juicy love showered on me that morning.

Miriam’s wish: fresh, organic breakfast drink.

Miriam’s solution: trek 1.2 miles to a destination I knew would supply the goods.

God’s better idea: two small shops, located much closer, with stellar products, for my drinking pleasure.

24 hours ago I felt like the character beautiful Buttercup in the movie, “Princess Bride”. I get chills each time I watch the movie and hear the farm boy character Wesley answer one of Buttercup’s requests with a gracious bow and the words, “As you wish.” Obviously my “as you wish” journey was NOT a laborious trek to Whole Foods. It was a sparkle-fun stroll along the Pacific ocean, noticing dogs and people and TWO closer places that filled my request perfectly. I’ll take that! I could EASILY becomes an “As you wish” junkie, if this is the way that life is designed to unfold. Hmmm, is it?

So, what adventures can I share with my beautiful granddaughters that will help them experience this fun and ease? Miriam’s plan AND God’s plan: Let’s find out!



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