Week 3: Lessons Unfolding

What are we doing? This is what I’m beginning to understand: We’re replacing old habits that no longer serve us, by doing the systematic work of creating new habits. I’m breaking new ground, as I begin to understand that my thoughts and the emotions I attach to both thoughts and experiences are the substance that creates my life. Thoughts and emotions create habits and understandings and over time these become set in concrete in my subconscious mind. These habits and understandings form the framework for my whole life. Everything in my life has been created by my thoughts and habits and the emotions I attach to them. I have the power to change the things I don’t like by intentional control of my thoughts and the emotions I attach to the things I experience. I am responsible for my current circumstance and I have the power to change it.

The routine and systems of the Master Key experience is breaking the old concrete ways of doing and responding, revealing more of who I’m created to be. My DMP (Definite Major Purpose) is still a mystery but that’s unfolding as I’m willing to dive in and explore it.


14 thoughts on “Week 3: Lessons Unfolding”

  1. BAM! Thats the sound of the cement dropping to the ground as you reveal more and more of the inner Golden Child.. Wonderful blog post.. 8=) BeBlessed-Darren


  2. Yeap things are beginning to settle and to make sense. It isn’t easy. We’ve managed to program ourselves to feel comfortable. Now this is teaching us to get out the comfort zone and rewire the brain.
    What a wonderful creation this brain.
    Great, keep going.


  3. I just read both of your posts. The one of Ernest was more than just moving. Although I never met my grandfather on my Dad’s side, I heard was quite a man, a promoter and an athlete had a great sense of humor. His name was also Ernest. I’ve always loved the name for obvious reasons. I get that you’re getting what MKMMA is all about .


    1. Thank you, David. It’s such a delight when we encounter small nuggets that trigger lovely connections in life. Thanks for sharing that this dear man did! Being an Ernest-heir is another “something” to be thankful for.


  4. Great blogpost!
    You write that we are responsible for our circumstances and therefore also have the Power to change them. What a wonderful insight!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


    1. Thank you Monica. That means we can tote along our figurative “little child”, but that small part that wants someone else to make the decisions and choose the path cannot be allowed to continue to drive the life vehicle.


  5. I love that we can reprogram these thoughts — to live the life we desire, and DEMAND!! Way to dig right into this!


    1. Thanks Jessica. I’m feeling like I want nature to begin to act in haste… I want to begin to feel the passion unwrap NOW!


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