Week 6 Negative Neuro Pathway Connections Averted in Local 12 Year Old

A shining heavenly flashlight may have boosted an everyday Gram into a veritable “Wonder Gram,” late yesterday afternoon. This reporter was on the scene, as a local Grandmother swept in and averted the random linking of negative neurological pathways in the brain of Ella, her 12 year old granddaughter. As Gram told the story, Ella’s weekend creative-visit had been planned for weeks. It was to be a “Fur Head Creature” creation adventure. Ella’s event prep reportedly included watching one YouTube video 5 times to collect details and gather data on foam creature head creation. Gram questioned the unfolding plan, as she and Grampie watched the video and realized the daunting (potentially impossible) task ahead. But, agreeing to the fun, she helped by buying foam material, a foam head (fondly referred to as Mr. Whiskers) and plenty of organic apples and strawberries. What follows is Gram’s first hand report of the events, as they unfolded.

It was a windy, rainy, dark, snowy, sunny day in Michigan. (Please note the typical Michigan weather details, as they prove to be an integral part of the unfolding plot. Gram claims that it may have been God’s sudden, big, heavenly flashlight that showed her not only the impending neuro-crisis, but the way OUT of the neuro-fire-mire that could’ve sucked Ella down a path of peptide release that ANY responsible grandparent would’ve stood strongly against. But, I’m sweeping ahead of the story. Here’s the details, as reported by Gram and the huge group of witnesses watching from the clouds, cheering for Ella.)

Ella rose early, showered, and ate breakfast. After helping Gram with meal cleanup, she dove into the long-awaited project with En-Thoooo-siasm. Diligently cutting and sticking foam pieces together, she received occasional help from her faithful assistants, Mr. Whiskers, Grampie and Gram herself. Progressing well, Ella stayed firmly planted in her chair for approximately 2.5 hours. 11:00am and all is well. 11:01am the project came to a sudden halt. Tears flowed. Realizing the mouth opening wasn’t receiving the foam snout piece, as planned, discouragement flooded over Ella. Ella’s courageous heart questioned her ability to complete the mission. After a brief “what are your options” chat with Gram, Ella took a short break, ate lunch and watched a bit of Michigan football on TV with Grampie. Who knew that a crisis was quietly brewing? The room shook and sunshine broke through rain, snow, and clouds, as Ella quietly announced that she wasn’t going to proceed with foam fur head completion this weekend. Gram vividly described the next moments as some mysterious “thing” rising up inside of her (possibly God’s cloud-breaking sunshine flashlight?) and out came a primal “NOOOOOO …. it’s not a good plan to train your brain that when tough challenges come you get frustrated and quit!” Gram (dubbed “Wonder Gram” by this reporter, for the events that follow) dramatically explained the explosive danger of a “tough challenge” brain-wiring with “emotional frustration” and “quitting.” Wonder-Gram figuratively sprang forward, dragging Ella away from the impending fiery disaster on the path toward quiet desperation. Gram says she somehow mysteriously knew to use her supernatural safety net of “openly wondering” and “curiously exploring”, how to get past the oversized foam mouth opening sticking point. Ella awakened. Hope filled, she requested help from Gram and Grampie. Ella’s brain sequence wired “problem” + “explore first responders” + “laughter” + “brainstorming solution”! Crisis averted. Gram told this reporter that she really didn’t know how she had the strength to pull Ella away from the potential neuro-fire disaster. She described something massive and powerful suddenly rising up inside of her and giving her the strategy to snatch Ella away from the flaming miry glob and drag her toward the fun fur head finish line. (Random coinquidink? Gram doesn’t think so.)

Addendum: further conversation with Gram alluded to some mysterious underground movement of people all pulling themselves off the quiet desperation path. This reporter finds it HIGHLY doubtful that it’s really possible to direct human neurological firing and wiring. But, this powerful story will prompt her to be on the lookout for evidence of activity of the alleged PPAFQDATPB group (People Pulling Away From Quiet Desperation And Toward Passionate Bliss.)


One thought on “Week 6 Negative Neuro Pathway Connections Averted in Local 12 Year Old”

  1. What a wonderful and discriptive story about the firing and wiring and doubts you can have! I think you are right on track on your journey with passionate bliss!


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