Week 8: This Day

This work somehow became sacred today. There have been a wide variety of bumps and do-overs. This is about the point that I usually choose to throw my hands in the air and give up. Discouraged and overwhelmed, I quit. Today, however, I dug in. I hauled some of the clutter away from my beautiful loft work space and listed the MK tasks still to be completed. Trusting the process, it’s taken me 8 weeks to really begin to let what I want moving forward gently unfold. The multiple DMP changes have been dramatic. It’s been a curiously powerful process to examine and think about what I should like or what might be important, only to discard it and change course. All this seemed to happen at a lightening-snails’ pace. It’s taken time and lotsa paper to have it flow out of my brain, through my arm, out the end of the pen, onto the page and 99.9% of it’s gone into the wastebasket.

I decided today. My beautiful loft space is transformed into MKMMA-Central with clear work spaces, notebooks and file folders. I’ve chosen not to invest thought in additional projects, closing the door on those ideas and responsibilities, for now. I’ve made a list of what I need to move forward and beyond the 3+ week’s task requirements.

I’m celebrating commitment. I’m sitting in awed wonder at how magical this feels. Figuratively looking to my right side I see the task list and realize there’s also family and life to add to that mix. On the figurative left, the path that’s drawing my heart deeper into the wonder of who I am and what shape I want my life to take. Joy beckons. My head and my former “giving up” habits are out of the loop. Sticking with the plan and strategy of “daily do this..” whatever that might be, has made all the difference. There’s no hurdle that competes with the exhilaration and thankfulness I feel knowing more of who I am and how I can best serve and enjoy life… Today.

This work and the process somehow became sacred, today. Thank you.


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