MKMMA Week 11: The Duck or the Goose?

Remember the kids game called “Duck, Duck Goose?” Children sit in a circle and the one IT person walks around, gently tapping each child in the circle on the head. Each tap on the head labels the tap-receiving child either a DUCK or a GOOSE. Each DUCK person just sits there, quietly receiving the label he or she waits and watches the action move past and onto someone else. Each child wants to get the GOOSE tap! A GOOSE tap means RUN LIKE CRAZY!! Each GOOSE gets to run, trying to tag the tapper and then getting to BE the tapper. So, not only did I wanna be the Goose, I’m discovering I am the goose. I got tapped with this MK experience and I’m finding that I can run like crazy, peacefully and being in the gentle flow of giving and receiving somehow all at the same time. If I try to sort the words and feelings through, there’s loose threads many places. But, I’m here and I need this right here right now. I’m in the right place.


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