MKMMA Week 11a: The Attorney and I

I need to be here. Thursday I met an unemployed woman living in a challenging situation. Walking through her basement I noticed a framed Juris Doctor degree (J.D. or JD) hung on the basement wall. I didn’t look in more detail, but thought that maybe it represented the achievement of her mom or another special person in her life. A few moments later, she popped her head into the basement, kindly offering refreshments to the realtor and I. She randomly mentioned that she had graduated Law School. Labeling it the “worst decision of her life” and firmly stating that she would not do it again. I’ve been in that place. Many thoughts swirled through my head, but the one that landed is the thankfulness I feel knowing that I am responsible for my current life situation and the choices I make going forward. I would definitely be someplace else, if I wasn’t here. Thank you, Mark and Davene for persevering.


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