Week 12 Snowbound Fish

These colorful cuties live in the woods! They don’t know or care that they’re not where they’re designed to live. This is all they know, so they’re happily living as “fish out of water”. They spend life gently (sometimes wildly) flapping in the breeze, totally unaware that they’re not going anywhere. Shhh, it can be our little secret that they don’t live where fish are designed to live!

Yikes! Are they ME? Is it possible that this is a picture of who I am or who I was before I began this Master Key Adventure in September? Am I, like these colorful tropical fish, designed to live in a place of wonder and interest and delight and beauty? Is it a place where all of my wishes and needs are always easily met and the loveliest goals of my days are to pursue the things that I’m wired and designed for?

See the small poles holding each fish in place? The little guys can’t make different choices, because of that tiny pole tether… yet they’re not anxious or worried because they’re unaware that they’re stuck. It’s all they know, so their days are spent happily flapping in zero degree wind, sucking air, rather than flying through 80 degree tropical waters, doing whatever tropical fish do. Because I pushed the poles into the ground and made their decision for them, the fabric fellows have no choices, .

But, moving the focus away from the fish and onto myself does this genuinely give a crazy picture of my stuckness? I feel generally contented and happy right here, right now. Considering how big the world is and the brevity of life, I wonder: is it possible for my happy to be happier? Are there deeper causes that I can add pieces to? What are the worlds I’ve yet to explore that will spark interest in new and expansive places of fun and contribution and abundance? What aspects of my life are not the ideal picture? Using the Master Keys, the Og Mandino scroll reads, my daily Blue Print Builder and other tools being effortlessly added to my toolbox, I discover that I am creating an ideal life. Let’s put that into all caps… an IDEAL LIFE! Even emphasizing the word LIFE feels powerful and expansive to my heart.

Reading this week that “Educated desire is the most potent means of bringing into action the law of attraction,” I wonder: how do I enter the place of “educated desire”? I know. While the  fabric fish flap, freely and easily, in the freezing breeze, I sit. I sit

I focus. I concentrate. I relax. I cozy up with my Heavenly Father Who wants all things excellent and good for me, and is fully willing and capable of arranging them that way today and even MORE that way tomorrow. I sit and I wait and then I take daily steps in the direction He seems to be drawing my heart. Such a curious, easy way of learning and growing and experiencing life. I bet we’re not done yet. The fish have no way of choosing to manage their lives. I do. I am.



7 thoughts on “Week 12 Snowbound Fish”

  1. A creative and great analogy of the fabric fish being stuck there and that it was your actions that put them there. I found that powerful because it is our own actions which come in our ‘thoughts’ that have ‘put’ us where each and everyone of us find ourselves. It is our responsibility to move our sticks as often as we can so as to gain more experiences and to understand how we grow from those experiences.
    Thank you for you post. I loved it, it was enlightening.


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