Week 14: Door to Door Seller

What? A gentleman with cerebral palsy successfully building a door to door sales business? The movie “Door to Door” is the inspirational story of one man limping past the physical obstacles of that handicap (crippled hands trying to write orders, slurred speech and distorted facial muscles while talking with potential customers, walking miles daily with the irregular palsy gait), thinking BIG and then going BIG. He made a choice, then decided to follow the path through to the end, whatever it took.

His dad was a super-successful salesman. It’s not clear from the movie if that was the single deciding factor for him, but it sure made an impact. The pride, encouragement and confidence his caretaker-mom displayed in his shaky steps probably also played a part in his success. But, ultimately the WANT TO, MUST, and GOTTA HAVE THIS, came from a place deep inside of himself. At stake: his pride in himself and his ability, as a person. His purpose: sell stuff. His plan: get out there every day and keep going back.

People continually laughed at him, ignored him, rudely slammed the door in his face, yet When scary stuff came up, he chose to figured out a way around it.

The early part of the movie showed his mom as his “mastermind”… his only real support. As the movie progressed and mom developed memory issues and became handicapped herself, another character was introduced as helper, friend, cheerleader and “kick in the backside” as he needed it.

I watched the movies “Door to Door”, “Cool Runnings” and “October Sky” with family this past week. At some point in each movie, I either stood and cheered aloud, or cried, or both. There’s something primal and awe inspiring about watching people relentlessly push through obstacles, move forward and eventually succeed. Og Mandino says in Scroll 3: If I persist long enough, I win. Each of the movies expressed the truth of that, in it’s own powerful way.


4 thoughts on “Week 14: Door to Door Seller”

    1. Door to Door is very touching, Cool Runnings gave us a shot of humor and October Sky was youthful hope… in case you’d like to select according to your mood!


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