MK Week 16: Permission

I am giving myself permission to be happy. Now. Doing it now. Not when all of the painful stuff of life is “figured out” like I wish it to be. Not when everything is working and smoothly wonderful. I am happy right here, right now. I have a wonderful life and am connecting with amazing and wonderful people who are helping to grow me and challenge me into a place bigger and lovelier than where I am right now. So, I choose to be happy and I give myself permission to do exactly that.

I read a quote that said: Be Happy and the Reason Will Appear. That sounds crazy backwards… unless I know a super secret. I know that the things I focus on grow and are attracted to me. If I want to attract happy, I darn well better make a mighty big space for that!!

So, I give myself permission to be happy and let the old trash and the deeply painful stuff either be hauled away, or gently packed into the “tender treasures” box to be examined and lovingly grieved at another time… or not. But for now, I’ll be happy. Packing away the pain and sadnesses makes space in my life for happy and fun and peace and joy and kindness to appear out of nowhere… everywhere! These treasured gifts are EVERYWHERE, if I choose to release the other stuff into the hands of my kind, gentle, loving Heavenly Father and let Him carry the weight. This frees me up to … dance and do yoga and make smoothies and laugh and play games with friends and with grandkids. Maybe even to hike the Grand Canyon with my sweet yoga instructor and maybe to write some additional blog posts. But, mostly just to move merrily along on the Miriam path. The path that makes huge space for encouraging family and old and new friends to love and enjoy life and the moments it’s filled with. Encouraging and modeling being the most expansive and loveliest we can each possibly be right now! Now! In the place where we’re each planted. Lovingkindness extended to those we each connect with… doing it now.

Giving myself permission to be happy makes space for all of this and lots more. I’ll pick that life!


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