Week 17: Kindness Tilt


Kindness expressed in the form of a gift, a smile, a trinket, a flower, consideration or helpful hands is beautiful. Today I’m reminded that kindness also looks like saying, “No”… to a toddler or an aging friend.* Each person following their personal blueprint path will have an agenda. Each agenda or path is different than mine, as I am a unique person. Personal perspectives, needs and wishes need to be considered and respected, but not at the expense of the call of my own heart.

While it may feel awkward at first, learning to value my rarity and my heart enough to gently and clearly stand for my needs and wishes creates firm, new places within me for growth and beauty. Doing this, I step forward toward personal courage. Expressing personal courage gives the other person license to do the same… to choose to listen to his or her own heart and decide whether to respond to its call. It opens doors and provides freedom for each person, in a way that, a “Sure I can do that” response, grudgingly felt, never can.

*(Parenting with honor, wisdom and respect does not include a young child running the show… just liked the determination and love expressed in the picture!)



2 thoughts on “Week 17: Kindness Tilt”

  1. Miriam, First off thank you for following my blog YorkieBear says. Second off we love your picture of “rocking life”. Third you have courage unseen I see from this blog. Early on in this course someone said, “When your heart speaks…take notes.” You are doing a great job!


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