MK Week 17HJ Pennies from Heaven

penny from heaven

Many years ago a delightful, elderly man attended our small, country church. In his gentle way, he shared wisdom and humor with all of us. He attended alone but I never heard the back story. Had his wife died years earlier? Was she home with a caregiver during that time, freeing him to come worship and connect with our loving body of Mennonite Christians? I don’t know. But here’s what I know: no one, young or old, came away from a connection time or a chat with him without feeling loved. I never felt judgement or corrected, no opinions were shared about how I might parent or dress better or love my spouse differently. I was enjoyed and appreciated and it seemed to be that everyone else was too. Nothing but love there.

One Sunday, shortly before he died, he placed a tattered envelope into the offering plate. The outside of the envelope was labeled “Pennies from heaven”, in the shaky scrawl of the elderly. The small bank envelope was filled with pennies.

Where’d they come from? A glorious family adventure to the ocean, a walk to the bookstore, the grocery parking lot? I can only imagine. It seems to me that people who stoop to pick up pennies are “detail noticers.” Those who notice and value the small things in life. Those who, really seeing, take a moment to bend or bow and really connect for a moment with life.

The life of the “heavenly penny man” demonstrated that tender connection. Each encounter I experienced I saw that willingness to set himself aside and openly value, accept and love others.

This heightened awareness of life and people has been part of the Franklin Makeover, the Master Key Experience and now my personal “hero’s journey.” My grace and compassion levels continue to expand beyond the tiny boxes I’ve had them in. I realize that I’m swimming in that ocean of abundance. Just like the kind man from another place and time, I’m beginning to see that there are beautiful people experiences everywhere on the planet. It’s becoming impossible NOT to see them, now that the veil has been lifted and I realize it’s been here from the get-go. My “shiny penny” life is glowing, as I collect and share the kindness, grace, focus, compassion and all of the tender goodness people and this life have to offer.

I wanna be like the shiny penny man, soaking up all the goodness I see everywhere and letting it ooze out of me. Stooping low or reaching out to receive kindness, grace and compassion, those tiny, massive “heavenly pennies”, cherishing and examining them for the moment then immediately letting them flow out of my life, into the lives of others.


4 thoughts on “MK Week 17HJ Pennies from Heaven”

  1. Miriam, What a wonderful memory—you inspired me to dig into my past to rediscover others like the mysterious loving “penny man.” Thanks for making it so clear we are surrounded by this love and generosity everywhere. We just have to be open and present to it. So humbling. xx Charles


  2. What a wonderful story about the penny-man! Thank you for reminding of all the love and acceptance that surround us, and also reminding of the little things that means so much.


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