MK Week 18 Imagine That!

“No one makes it without a mastermind” … Mark J’s repeated wisdom on our MKMMA journey. Several weeks ago we were tasked with finding mastermind partners. In the time between then and now, my network has grown. I now have several masterminds growing~ each a perfect fit for who I am now and what I need to continue on the path toward the person I intend to become. Who knew?

The first group is made up of my wonderful, inspiring Canadian friends. They each bring a heart of authenticity and consistency to the process. They transparently share real life “stuff” and how the MKMMA experience is re-shaping life for themselves and their families. We spur each other on to courage, accountability and continuing on the path forward, whatever that looks like in the life-reality of each day.

Then came Victoria (name meaning: conqueror), beautiful, persistent athlete who loves and follows Jesus, creates jewelry art following her passion for beauty and expressing what she sees in the world around her. She does yoga and trains with focus and intention, is interested in financial investing and makes decisions based on her heart and not solely on the emotionl tugs and draws of other people. She eats soft serve smoothies made with food-fuel like spinach, fruit and oil of oregano and her talk is peppered with words like “antioxidants” and “super-hydrating”… just like me!

I couldn’t have known that Angela (name meaning: messenger from God) was waiting to connect with me, either. She’s creating a testimony book and is passionate about God’s kingdom and making the truth of Jesus known. Angela is excited to work together with me on our book project.

I’ve also created a loving, mastermind network using Marco Polo with my “yoga retreat planning” women. We’re having such fun planning the experience and bouncing silliness and fun and ideas off of each other. We’re creating a bond of deeper trust and friendship in the details of the process that will mean our connections continue after this beautiful retreat season changes into whatever is next.

The next little group is two women I love very much and am committed to growing connected relationship and accountability with. Two of them are single and this gives all of us a way to “bounce our hearts” off of someone who knows us, loves us and takes time to listen… and laugh.

The final “mastermind” is my daughter and her two young boys. There’s been an estranged relationship for a long season and this gives us a tender way to stay in touch, without making it burdensome for the time and energy of the life of a young, working mom with home and husband and family and job to attend to. It’s no strings attached on her end. I like that.

So, each connection is feeding my heart and my soul in a way that’s growing me into persistence and harmony and courage and enthusiasm and discipline… in a way that’s absolutely perfect for me. Imagine that! God knows exactly the places where I can be lovingly pouring into the lives of others and precisely what I need to receive to grow who I’m becoming, as well. It’s very good.



3 thoughts on “MK Week 18 Imagine That!”

  1. It was just wonderful to read about your mastermind groups! I read it with a big smile from ear to ear. Yes, The Universe/God provides for us exactly what you need, and very often a little bit more. That is my experience. In this week blog of mine am I writing about manifestation and how you are provided for when you have your faith. It is kind of syncronical with your blogpost 🙂


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