MK Week 19 Climbing Higher

“We are climbing higher when we work together”, (Deanna Bordelon, amazing Master Key Experience, Guide). Lovingly woven into the Master Key Experience is the beauty and power of climbing higher together, using a mastermind alliance. The ideas, truth, encouragement, and wisdom shared have made this experience. Its depth, exuberance, vitality and abundance is BECAUSE we’re climbing higher working together.

It’s been “give more get more” on steroids! No one seems to intentionally give more for the purpose of “getting”; I don’t either. We give because we’re sharing love with people traveling the same path along with us. We’re journeying into the depths of ourselves, together. It seems like an oxymoron to go places each one can only travel alone, in community. But, that’s how we’re unpacking and using the treasures within, sharing strategies, victories and questions. Not to enrich one person, but to enrich the whole of who we are together.

I could choose to figure it out and manage the process alone, but there have been beautiful gems I’ve gleaned from other people. I have a sense that I’d never arrive at the “TAH-DAHHH” place of victory on my own. My life would be played on a smaller, less colorful playing field and parts of my joy would lie dormant, if I’d never met all of you. I’d be drawing from the well of my own experience, instead of 300+ people resourcing me from their wells. I’m choosing together.

Mark J says that “No one makes IT without a mastermind”. Assuming that IT is the highest mountain and most expansive potential, I know and am learning the truth of that statement. Deanna’s comment that we all climb higher when we work together, acknowledges that we are all puzzles pieces and resources, each for the other. Thank you all for letting me read your heart-wisdom and knowledge. Thank you Mark and Davene for letting all of us stand on your shoulders.



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