WK 20 I Am Miriam

I do energy work. I’m trained to find and released blocked energy that can cause physical and emotional problems for people and animals. The body has a powerful ability to heal itself, if conditions are right. The Body Code and Emotion Code work makes it simple to find imbalances quickly. The sessions can be held in person, with the client sitting with me in the same room. Because the work is in the energy field, it can also be done by phone, email or just asking me to work on the client as I have time.

I’ve learned that my energetic field is very willing to step aside and let me tap into the energetic field of another person for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment suggestions. To access the energy field of another person I use an I Am statement, clearly stating that for those few moments, I am another person. After completing the work of the session, I step back into my own energy, using the same process; clearly stating I AM MIRIAM.

I’ve found increasing power in this statement, as the Master Key Experience has progressed. Now it feels a bit like a Wonder Woman statement for me! I AM MIRIAM. I hold a place and a space on this planet and in life. I AM MIRIAM. I’m worthy of kindness and respect and consideration from other people and more importantly from myself. I’m becoming clear that being Miriam is a good thing! I AM MIRIAM and I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. My Heavenly Father created me exactly this way. He likes me and thinks I’m fun and worthy of preference and consideration.

As this power-filled Miriam, I’m happy to set either my energy or my personal needs or preferences aside. But, it will be a result of my choosing and not the “should” expectations of others. Funny thing I’ve discovered, some of the really powerful “shoulds” I’ve carried are from people who are no longer part of my life. Crazy huh? I AM MIRIAM and it’s my responsibility and privilege to stand in that power.

Thank you Mark and Davene, for this experience that gave me a gentle, systematic way to off-load others and carry myself.


4 thoughts on “WK 20 I Am Miriam”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing about your work and how you use it for your own personal development. It is so simple and yet so powerful to state I AM. I think that most of times is it these simple things that are the most powerful. I will use the I AM. I like it a lot. Thanks again!


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