WK 23 Keep Walking

pexels-photo.jpgMy grandad was 92 when he died. Shortly before His death he was acknowledged as the oldest senior golfer in the state of South Carolina, the oldest of the older ones! He walked the 18 holes of golf, pulling his clubs in a pull cart, until that time.

Granddad had one troubling knee and he limped for almost as long as I can remember. While walking his neighborhood with him one day, I asked why he didn’t sit and rest the leg. His profound answer, “Miriam, if I stop I’ll never get going again!” I chuckled a bit and change the flow of the conversation, not realizing how deeply the truth of that statement had penetrated my heart.

30 years has passed since he went to be with Jesus, but the lesson lingered. “Keep walking.” It’s pulled me through a crushing divorce, estrangement of three of my children, false accusations against me, and a parental suicide. Yet, thanks to the wisdom of my granddad and the strength and grace God’s supplied, I’ve continued. I more than survived. I’ve grown, committed and connected; investing love, time, finances and energy in people and causes important to me. The sentence in Og Mandino’s scroll seven stating “…strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts,” resonates deeply with me. I am strong.

My life experience has turned out very differently than my original plan. But, like so many others on this MasterKey journey along with me, I’m not only still standing I’m lacing up my shoes and intentionally running forward into all that life has to offer.





9 thoughts on “WK 23 Keep Walking”

    1. Thank you Amy. I’ve spent lotsa time in the alliance area this morning and I realize that standing and walking at the end of the battle just isn’t enough…. I’ve gotta be going somewhere! More to come ♥️


      1. At one time I had a girl friend give me a poem…something like this…”don’t quit…rest if you will…” You are perfect! That is how He created you!

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  1. I like your analogy, Miriam! The life is trully an adventure by walking the path of lifejourney. So many things on the way to learn from!


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