Someone’s Sweet Baby Girl

A young lady in her early 20’s was in a recent car accident, pronounced brain dead and died, all within about 24 hours. One day she was someone’s sweet baby girl, a living, breathing daughter, friend, sister. She was alive that last day and now, the very next day, she’s not.

Who told her how loved and cherished she was? Who mentioned the richness and beauty life contained because she was in it? Did anyone “seize the moment” and forgive a past hurt she may have caused or let her know that her mistakes could be overlooked, in favor of the peace that comes from simply moving forward and releasing the past into God’s big, capable hands?

I hope all of this and more. Not for the precious, beautiful young woman who suddenly tasted death and is twirling with Jesus now. But, for the peace, healing and grief process of those she left behind. My wish and hope for her family, friends and for all of us, is that there are words spoken and connections made, so there’s not the burning regret of “things I wish I’d said.”

She will always be someone’s sweet baby girl, but she won’t ever again be here to hear it.


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