I Write

blue and purple color pencils

I Wrote.

I was holding a pencil, laying on my stomach and writing by copying the words from the pages of a mighty big, book, almost before I could read. Yikes… I realize that the Earth has traveled around the Sun 65+ times since I was born with writing hardwired into my very DNA.

If I cared, I’d be really curious “Why?” I’d wonder the “why” of a writer living a lifetime limiting thoughts on a page mostly to Thank You notes and little love notes to my kids from THE HOUSE FAIRY (a fictional fairy named mom, responsible for sometimes helping my children keep the stuff in their rooms up off the floor.)

I love, love, love color and words that embrace the depth and the curious drama of life …. and love the idea of routinely dumping them out onto pages. It’s TIME for this grandma’s beautiful, rainbow-splash thoughts to spill out of her head and onto a page; watching with delight how they assemble themselves.


4 thoughts on “I Write”

    1. Thanks, Amy! I suppose most of us MKMMA’ers love words 🙂 otherwise we would be somewhere where there are fewer of them!

      I don’t get notifications about your blog posts anymore and I thought I followed you. I just hopped over and left a comment, helping Yorkiebear see his superpowers!

      I am in the process of a re-write of the Hannel material, staying as close to his presentation as I’m able, and acknowledging God as the Master Creator of all, and Jesus as the Master Key. I have most of the lessons done, but there are surely some places that a “tweak” hasn’t been revealed yet.


  1. Wow! What audience are you re-writing for? YorkieBear and I are in the process of a huge transformation to a hosted blog…it is so exciting I can hardly wait to have fun again…collaborating with Dennis Goff who was highly recommended by Davene and Mark…I find him extremely fun and knowledgable to work with…if you wish to connect with him for a free 1/2 hour consulation and pricing to MKE members here is his e-mail dg@dennisgoff.com
    Please tell him the one and only Bear of AmySwift.club referred you!


    1. Thank you very much for sharing the info and your happy excitement, Amy. I’m pondering the question of my audience for this blog. My Master Keys project is for seekers and followers of Jesus. 🙂


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