The boys KNOW that today’s the day! Friday is neighborhood garbage day and the day to connect with their garbage truck passion. They make choices all day that make this moment happen: helping mom with breakfast, dressing quickly, choosing NOT to visit the neighbor or play with the dog, they focus on the garbage truck goal and hallelujah it happens!

Their reward? The full garbage truck experience! They hear the gears shift as the driver approaches and watch the massive vehicle scoop up other containers down the road. Their patience and focus is rewarded with the delight of watching their own trash dumpster lift high up and over the rear end of the truck. It tips and bangs, then dumps a week’s worth of yuck into the truck. Two focused brothers get the prize! How? By focused determination on the goal.

I’m a writer and sometimes I even write. Other times I’m SUPER busy texting people, tossing in laundry, taking a quick nap… I even volunteer to supervise mowing at my husband’s cottage! I’m so darned helpful that I hardly ever have time to write.

But I AM smug and proud that I don’t procrastinate like other people I know. I get right down to business doing tons of helpful tasks but not one thing that moves me toward the goals I’ve set for myself. “So, Honey, here’s your milestone kick in the backside,” I gently say to myself. “Follow the example of the boys trash truck saga! FOCUS, DO THE STUFF, WRITE”

I’m curious what you fill your time with, instead of doing what needs to be done?


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