opened bible on wooden surfaca
The map, compass, God’s Word, the light…. all serve to guide me toward the bigger better way

There is a map, a system, a blueprint, a specific way to get from here to where I want to go. Growing myself as a self directed thinker requires that I follow it! This process leads around some of the land mines and brick walls I might run into, while figuring it out for myself. Am I smart enough to discover what needs to be done? Sure, maybe if I had 100 lifetimes. Why would I risk the life and the time and missing the target even attempting, when others who’ve blazed the trail before me are so willing to share? Silly that! Following directions works well. So, Miriam, follow the steps, work the system, practice the process. Process, system, recipe and blueprint ~  these words and the framework they represent bring freedom to live. Each one opens a way; a way to do life and relate and think and accomplish. Subscribing to the way doesn’t diminish my worth or address my intellect. Moving along the suggested path leads to freedom. I get farther faster if I adopt  the process. I’m then free to live in the place I want to be, rather than staying stuck in the cycle of figuring all of it out.

I love baking brownies.

chocolate cake with cream on top
These aren’t my yummies but I wish!

I generally love cooking and baking and feeding people my food. For years I’d consider a recipe merely a launch point, adding and subtracting ingredients and changing measurements willy nilly. Maybe I felt I was improving the product but, results were VERY unpredictable. Sometime I finished with edible food and sometimes with a pile of mush in the trash and pizza delivery.

My 65 year lesson: follow directions; do the stuff; trust and obey. It’s been a LONG haul for me. Not sure why it took such a long time for the light to come on in my brain. I guess some people are wired for choosing the clear, simple path of wisdom and some people need to spontaneously make multiple passes around the objective and try just about everything else before deciding to simply follow the process. Why has this been so tough? Maybe I was too busy noticing all the bazillion other things going on around me. So, here’s an old/new thought for me:

  1. find people of integrity doing what I wish to do
  2. find out what they’re doing
  3. focus to finish and do that

Maybe now I can actually make great brownies twice in a row and move the ball down the field in other areas of my life, too. If I surrender and stop spending crazy energy trying new things and figuring stuff out I may actually get to the place of DOING whatever it is. For now IT is growing myself as a self-directed thinker.

That will be good for me and very nice.


6 thoughts on “MKE2:WEEK 1 “DRINK AS INSTRUCTED & SPILL NOT A DROP …”Og Mandino”

  1. Hi cindy here, i like what you wrote, the chair looks so comfy, then the desert shows up as i scroll down, just needs hotchoco and the day is had. I am excited to be in the MMKE again. You have a great day


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