MKE2:Week 2 Consciously Direct Your Thoughts..

There is a vast difference between simply thinking and directing our thought consciously, systematically and constructively. (Haanel 2:28)

You can choose where you want to arrive in every area of life, if you learn to use the charts, the knowledge and intuition, that God has already given you. I watched an Amazon Prime Video of Napoleon Hill describing the amazing value of this, as explained to him by Andrew Carnegie. As a young Napoleon Hill listened to the wisdom of Andrew Carnegie, Hill learned each person has been gifted with two virtual envelopes at birth:

brown paper envelope on table
brown paper envelope on table

One envelope labeled RICHES and the other envelope labeled PENALTIES. Andrew Carnegie explained that each one of us received these imaginary envelopes, and we have a choice about what to do with them. The envelope contents are as follows:

RICHES: this envelope contains all the riches you may enjoy, if you take possession of your mind and direct your thinking to the ends of your choice:

  1. Sound Health
  2. Peace of Mind
  3. A labor of love of your choosing
  4. Freedom from fear and worry
  5. A positive mental attitude
  6. Material riches of your choice and quantity

PENALTIES: these penalties, Hill learned, are the prices one must pay for neglecting to take possession of your own mind:

  1. Ill Health
  2. Fear and worry
  3. Indecision and doubt
  4. Frustration and discouragement throughout life
  5. Poverty and want
  6. A whole flock of evils: envy, free, jealousy, anger, hatred and superstition.

Hill goes on to describe the system one must use to attain possession and direction of your own mind. It’s a process very similar to the DMP creation in the MKE (Master Key Experience). Hill details the necessity of clearly stating what you want and what you are willing to GIVE in return for that which you desire in life.

Learning conscious, intentional direction of our thought means you can CHOOSE which envelope you want to open and walk through the day and your life with! That’s good news. The simple process Hill (and the MKE) describe:

  1. Choose what you want and write it out
  2. Decide what you will give in exchange for having what you want and write this out.
  3. Memorize and state both multiple times a day
  4. Begin giving

It worked very well for Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill….


16 thoughts on “MKE2:Week 2 Consciously Direct Your Thoughts..”

  1. fantastic post, I love the visualization of having the 2 envelopes and ultimately the power to choose which you draw from based on your thoughts and actions!! ❤


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