MKE2: Week 4 I am Waking Up

Free stock photo of dawn, landscape, nature, skyIt’s a new day and I get to connect with a tribe of people who inspire me! I’m exploring places in my heart I’ve never considered. I’m trying and learning and stumbling and adjusting and not knowing … and it feels scary-exhilarating! I’m committing to following a path that requires time and energy and change. But it is so worth all of it. How do I know it will work for me? I get into the alliance posts and read the questions and stories of changes both massive and minuscule. I watch the faces of tribe members on Marco Polo. There’s a lightness that comes, as we ask questions and wonder together and fall down and get back up, laughing and frustrated and together. It’s not always an upward path; the changes and choices sometimes feel a little scary and generally require sacrifice.  The choices get easier as I make them: what option is moving me toward the person I really am and away from the person I thought I was? It’s a new day and today I get to search for green triangles and note red circles and blue rectangles and grapple a bit with DMP words with amazing Lucinda and read the Scroll marked One, yet another time. I have lived as an onion plant and I am sooo done with that! Bring on the struggles and changes and process and commitment. It’s a triangle kinda day.

Window View of Buildings


9 thoughts on “MKE2: Week 4 I am Waking Up”

  1. Miriam, It sounds like you are really taking to the class. You write it so eloquently on what we are going through. I am enjoying the experience although I am a little behind. But enough negative talk. I am where I am supposed to be! The journey continues!


  2. Great post Miriam, thank you for sharing. I loved reading this commitmment to Miriam; (I’m committing to following a path that requires time and energy and change.) You will receive the rewards.


    1. Thank you very much Scott. It is a smoother process this time around and I’m beginning to get a vision of where I’m headed so … I continue doing the stuff now!


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