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Week 5 of the MKE finds me noticing two dramatic opposites:

SIDE ONE is diligently searching for shapes and colors in the environment. My thoughts are drawn to the shapes and I’m easily reminded of the task or promise they’re connected to. It can be seriously, consciously addicting! I find myself noticing a blue rectangle and thinking “Wherever I go I bring a gift. I may bring a compliment, a prayer, a trinket, a flower, but I promise to give something to every person I encounter. Blue rectangle.” Each of the shapes and colors is associated with some piece of the new way I’m consciously training my thinking. And, trusting the process I believe that this is all heading to the place of my choosing, which is very good!

SIDE TWO is the drifting wanderer. I notice I’m thinking about a long-past conversation or how someone’s response to me was offensive or maybe where I’ve just been or where I am going. This line of thinking is the drift that Haanel says in 5:2 is causing me to end up where I am, rather than where I want to be. The drifter me thinks, “Gosh I’m feeling a little aimless or down or anxious or my energy is a little low.” Guess why? I need to address my thinking mind and change the thinking to thoughts of courageous, optimistic, positivity.

Finding and linking shapes and colors to aspirations and ideals may seem childish. But, the flip side shines brilliance. The shapes and colors are EVERYWHERE in the world around me. The responsibility of reminding myself to change my thinking is EVERYWHERE too… in every triangle, circle, square and rectangle, and in each red, blue, yellow and green object. This is a great tool and one that is so easy, free and available it’s almost like every single thing is conspiring toward my success. Hmmm, go figure. 🙂



15 thoughts on “MKE2: WK 5 SHAPE SURFING HABIT”

    1. Thank you very much, Marcel. I’m now discovering not only the thinking and the doing of all this… but also how to reply to the kindness of others as they respond to these blog posts. Blessings!


      1. i appreciate your participating in this course like you have. i learned from you and that lets me know how much you are saying i care about yourself. so cheers to your journey of perpetual forward movement.


    1. It is so encouraging to hear that many of us (all of us?) are examining our lives (thoughts)almost on a moment-to-moment basis in order to get our thinking lined up with our desires. Thank you.


  1. Miriam thank you for sharing. I loved i when you spoke about observing what is happening. That is so important to notice our life or rather be present in our lifes. Keep assosiating everything you want with progress and everything changes. Sometimes fast and sometimes slower. It’s your life, so enjoy the journey!


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