“… do you not now and then feel the self within you?’ Haanel 7:30

Nicole does. She took her place Saturday in the front row of the MSU Marching Band Color Guard. The music from “World’s Greatest Showman” filled the stadium with power and electrical energy. Dancing to the choreographed movement of this elite ensemble, Nicole danced and twirled. She was in her ZONE.

Her face face expressed pure, focused intensity and delight. The flow of the flag and the precise timing of each movement looked effortless. Nicole was in her life “sweet spot” Saturday, with the color guard, the band and the music at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Anyone watching her on the field in those moments could see that Nicole, the real-deal young woman she was created to be, was unfolding and shining brightly before our eyes.

The movement looked effortless. It was as if Nicole was born with the natural talent to dance and smile and move with precision, strength and grace. However, there is a backstory. She’s been practicing and honing her skill relentlessly for 5 years. She’s worked hundreds of hours (maybe thousands now) tossing the flag and spinning the rifle and sabre, practicing precision, building strength and discipline daily.

Her relentless investment of heart and muscle, time-choice and energy have given Nicole two gifts. She has the privilege of marching with this elite musical organization. Deeper still, her choices have given her capacity and skill to courageously and clearly express her “Real You”.

Haanel asked the question if there is a time when when one feels the self within. Nicole’s inspiring performance on Saturday answered a resounding YES. She does. Every fiber of her being resonated I AM ME and I AM HERE. Nicole’s inspiring “all in” draws the “all in” commitment from a new place inside of me.

This grandma is inspired to earnestly commit to the discover, express, grow, stretch process for myself. When she shines Nicole, it inspires me to shine me.

Thank you.



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