Master Key System 8:5 If your thought has been critical or destructive, and has resulted in any condition of discord or inharmony in your environment, it may be necessary for you to cultivate a mental attitude which will be conducive to constructive thought.

Translation: if your thoughts have been critical or destructive and have caused you unpleasant experiences or relationships … you have choices to make! Which door will you choose? Will you decide to feed blame, anger and critical frustration over your “lot in life?” Will you choose the door that keeps you plodding along, resigned to being a powerless victim? Or will you choose to walk through the door that takes advantage of the most powerful mechanism God ever created, the human mind? Haanel and the Bible teach the creative power of thought and word.

First let me expand the meaning of a few words from Haanel’s message in 8:5:

Cultivate ~ try to acquire or develop something, like an ability, skill or attitude.

Mental attitude ~ a way of thinking or feeling about someone or something that’s reflected in your behavior.

Conducive ~ causes or produces something.

Constructive ~ serves a useful purpose or builds up.

So … here’s the invitation should you choose to except it … and who wouldn’t right? If you really want to add value to people in life AND make a creative adventure out of your days, of course you’ll say yes!

If negative stuff is manifesting around you it may be necessary [required, essential] for you to cultivate [develop] a mental attitude [way of thinking or feeling about someone or something that shows in your behavior] which will be conducive [cause or produce behavior] that’s constructive [serves a useful purpose or builds up a person or a relationship].

The Bible even hints at this idea: Ephesians 4:29 ~

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” (I suppose this includes you!)
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:29‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Haanel follows his invitation with a specific tool. In 8:6 he suggests cultivating [developing] your imagination [forming new ideas or images or concepts not present right now to your senses]

He goes on in 8:10 and describes imagination as the plastic stuff or the material used to create new thoughts, new forms and new ideals.

The short version: The stuff surrounding you NOW is the result of what you thought BEFORE. Beginning today, you’re choosing to create something different and new! Your strategy:

1. decide to cultivate a mental attitude conducive to constructive thought about the stuff surrounding you.

2. Cultivate your imagination.

So ~ here ya’ go, there ya’ go and off ya’ go.

This is a mighty big puzzle piece, with virtually unlimited potential to change the expression of life for you and those you do life with! Change your thinking change your life; here’s a way.

❤️ Miriam


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9 thoughts on “MKE2 WK8: YOUR INVITATION!”

  1. You put alot of thought into this, I had to make sure my thoughts were in order to send out as i call to the universe. wow you are connecting alot of dots. breaking your cement on the budha. great job


    1. We’re learning to observe and notice thoughts, ideas and behaviors, right Cindy? And to realize we can choose acceptance or create something different! Thank you for taking a moment to read and comment 💕

      Liked by 2 people

  2. We most definitely are choosing to create our every moment day by day, what we think about every minute matters. Wow your post is really strong. I almost thought you wrote it for me . I personally am being honest to say not 100% of me is in my life. Thanks for the post. Clarity wow. Like a punch in my gut. Wooosh again thank you for your insight and how you correlated everything here


      1. Well it did, I do not exactly understand what i read and understood. After reading it, words felt like a switch was on, it was automatic, pull my socks up, a door opened and all my thoughts of my dmp flooded the mind. I pretty much got activated. I Know many things came before this day, courses i have taken, and books, in my readings and doing the exercises to get to this moment, of reading and just simply got interested . However you feel about my words here, I am SHARING MY GRATITUDE. You wrote them and put them in an order i gravitated to. Well, I am just being huge in my emotion and overzealous again. but authentic, thanks


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