I LOVE entertaining! Opening our home to family and friends is a happy-life pleasure for us. Gladly sharing our couches and chairs, coat hooks and kitchen fills our home with laughter. Sharing our good stuff is a real life highlight.

Entertaining one group means we give them exclusive consideration and attention… excluding every other person or group we might have chosen to entertain. Gosh, one’s enough. We can’t give our best to you AND an entirely different set of folks.

Week 10 of the Master Key System mentions the dynamo-power of entertaining harmonious thought and the Law of Dual Thought says we can only think about one thing at a time. So, I have choices. Who do I want hanging out on the stool at my kitchen island? What thoughts do I want to entertain and engage with?

Since the Law of Growth says that what I think about grows, and I want to grow beauty and harmony, wonder and a spacious happy life… I’ll choose to entertain those thoughts and leave anything negative or yucky parked outside.


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