My Royal MKE tribe is a gift. They’re the ones chosen to walk alongside me on the Master Key trek this year. I watch both the angst and the focused determination to move each person‘s purpose forward, advancing each one’s priority as the “main thing” each has chosen. Where is my passion and focus? Food.

What a crock, as I realize I’ve clearly stated “Watching other people do what they love and find meaningful”, as part of my definite major purpose in life! I am livin’ that dream.

My Mastermind Partner: Last year I searched for that person immediately. This year I didn’t attempt finding one. I hear Mark J saying “Nobody makes it without a Mastermind.”

I’ve lagged behind in my blog posts and virtually every other MKE requirement designed to unwrap my creativity and breathe vitality into my true self for 3 weeks now.

I’ve stumbled through the material before; last year in fact. This year’s status: repeat performance. So, I can toss blame at the program, saying it’s not going to work for me. I know that’s not true. I could declare peppermint bark bark candy, ice cream and shoulder physical therapy my remedies, slop my way through the last half of the program, congratulate myself for “finishing“… And continue looking at the same brick wall I’ve sat in front of for years.

Blog post up, struggle real, I’m not excited to look at the Gal in the Glass. She’s not struggling for pelf… in fact she’s not doing anything. I’ll sit.


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