I’ve heard that I become like the five people I spend the most time with. Connecting with the Royal Ones, my MasterKey experience tribe of self-directed thinkers daily, grows me. Open, curious people draw and grow open, curious people.

Our Saturday morning tribe call this week focused around Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments. We discussed many amazing things. Among our topics were  these experiments showing creative power of words and music and how energetic frequency effects the crystalline structure of water.

Everything on this planet either contains or is touched by water. Living water.

What power do word-generators, thought-producers and music-creators have to change life? To usher life and  this planet closer to the “On earth as it is in heaven” existence the Lord Jesus prayed for?

I don’t know. Having the privilege of considering this and other amazing things with 5+ open, curious people changed All of us. I’m happy and thankful to be spending time exploring life together with the Golden/Royal ones. My open, curious tribe.



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