“Increase in me that wisdom which discovers my truest interest…” Franklin

This quote has stirred my heart with each reading of Haanel’s Master Key System lesson this week. I’m looking for and confidently expecting that God will release that “all of a sudden” wisdom that brings the pieces together for me and brings focus to a goal and a dream that will make beautiful use of my gifts and talents.

God says when we ask for wisdom, He gives it generously! I’m asking for that wisdom. The wisdom He is glad to release generously regarding my truest interest and His highest and best.

There are a myriad of paths open and available to me. But, I trust that asking for God’s highest and best will narrow the focus, focus and options and increase in me the wisdom which discovers my truest interest… really.

This interest will make beautiful use of everything I have to offer and touch the hearts and community I’ve been designed and fashioned to connect deeply with.

God’s “job”: releasing the wisdom, the path and the custom-designed strategy

My “job”: quietly asking, expecting, sitting and waiting on Him.

It’s a ME/YOU day, Lord. It’s gonna be the best day of my life!


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