MKE2 WK 14: Mully: A Message of HOPE

Charles Mully’s life story is one expressing the beauty and hope that there is a bigger picture of redemption available. Regardless of where the journey begins.

Abandoned by his family as a young boy, he begged and stole what didn’t belong to him as a way of life-survival.  Upon hearing the message that God is a faithful rewarder of those who work and trust in him, he set out on a new phase of his personal Hero’s Journey. He worked hard, built great wealthy, employed many people and had a beautiful family.

An encounter with a gang of angry, threatening street teens was his personal wake-up call. The haunting look in their street-hardened faces reflected back to him his own painful youth. A long conversation with God brought him to place of fully releasing his material abundance and rescuing street kids. The movie ended with this note: 12,000 children had been impacted by 2015. 12,000 lives and counting.

When it was time, Charles Mully knew. God sparked the enthusiasm within Charles and he began gathering scared, dirty children from the streets. He and his wife cleaned them up, shared their love, resources and light, at great cost to their own beautiful family life.

The same personal impact God invited Mully into is available to each one of us. Stepping into this authentic life-encounter required great love and a willingness to release the known for the messy, scary unknown.


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