MKE2 WK15: Takin’ a Step

The Master Key Experience (MKE) encourages us to dig deeply into who we were created to be. Reading one Og Mandino Scroll from the Greatest Salesman daily, as well as a series of other tasks and readings helps us progressively release the person we THOUGHT we were (created by expectations and perspectives of others) freeing our “true self” to unfold and shine forth.

I’ve wandered through multiple versions of what I really want and who I was created to be. But, so far nothing has sparked happy passion or enthusiasm. I’m learning to be okay with curious uncertainty, so lacking understanding about my purpose or dharma, I settled elsewhere.

My current plan focuses on two things:

First: I chose the emotional state I want to live in as a happy, light, peaceful life. Until my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) is unveiled, I’m observing when I’m experiencing this emotional delight. My plan is to notice what I’m doing and thinking at that time and simply do more of that.

Second: I noticed last week that I feel really passionate about my shoulder recovery. I’ve had extensive shoulder surgery so I’m “swinging for the fences” and working toward total restoration and full function. I’m fully confident that multiple Physical Therapy regimen repeats daily, eating an anti-inflammatory diet and drinking lotsa water will completely restore both range and function.

These plans are surely NOT the sum total of why I was given life on this planet. But, I’m loving the passion and focus of moving toward one thing that resonates and genuinely matters to me.

If other people can discover their DMP (Definite Major Purpose), the powerful, beautiful expression of their reason for being here, I can too. Until that unfoldment, I’m developing discipline and feeling the fun and emotion of a DMP… on training wheels. My shoulder is gaining range and strength at a gentle-lightening speed and I’m confident I will lift weights again sooner rather than later.

I’m not where I thought I’d be at this time in the course, but a month from now I’ll be in another new place. Life is meant to be fun and I’m having fun, so it’s good. (Faster will be good too:)


10 thoughts on “MKE2 WK15: Takin’ a Step”

  1. I find your ability to be OK with your journey in-spite of the possible pressure to finish your DMP a version of self love. I am not sure I have that level of acceptance for myself but would love to get there – just being OK with where I am at each moment in life.


    1. That is a very kind way to think of it Greg, I like it and thank you. I’ve run an emotional gamet feeling frustrated, guilty, impatient, inadequate, indifferent etc. Realizing that I’m currently in a good place and that increasing self-awareness takes me to interesting places of growth daily. I cannot be a place that I’m not yet…. so I’ll be happy here!


    1. Thank you James. I’ve spent too long in a place of frustration over why I cannot settle and wondering what’s wrong with me. I’m learning to love who I am and confidently express my “happy” so I’ll settle there now and someplace different later. And both will be in God’s beautiful timing.


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