MK2 WK16: Lori said…

The Master Key Experience has unveiled the secret that most people are NOT living true to who they really are. That means I’m not the “me” I was created to be and you’re maybe not you either. My challenge, should I choose to accept it, is to do the amazing work of discovering and unveiling the truth of who I am created to be. This Hero’s Journey answers the call to delight and engagement with deep, enjoyable and passionate LIFE! The real-deal life I was created to live. Actual ME living my actual ME life.

I mentioned in an earlier post that this ME is yet to be revealed, despite my second full MKE go-round. But tonight Lori gave me a smidge of an inkling into the possible time required. She said that some people with more years on the planet have more years lugging the cement around and more years piling it on. (These are my words not Lori’s… but you get the drift. Older may mean more to off-load and therefore take a bit longer.)

I’ve thought about this before, but I didn’t want to grasp at an age-related excuse in this arena. I don’t subscribe to age-related excuses in any arena, so haven’t been an early considerer of that here. But, since Lori mentioned it on the live broadcast tonight, I’m planning to give myself a bit’o grace. 66 years of piled on cement “you should’s” and “you ought to’s” and subtly raised eyebrows at the slightest hint at non-conformity might truly mean thicker cement than someone hauling around say 22 years or 38.5 years of the same suffocating glop.

So, this week I’ve added one new passion to my progressively revealing Definite Major Purpose. I’m now giving myself the benefit of accepting the possibility that more time on this earth with other humans may mean it might take an extra day or two to off-load the should’s and the ought-to’s and reveal the full shine of myself.



9 thoughts on “MK2 WK16: Lori said…”

  1. What courage it takes to stay open and with complete objectivity to look inward. I just finished viewing the movie, Mully, that was suggested for homework last week, or the week before. I knew this movie was going to change my life. I had on the bookshelf for 2 weeks now. It took courage to sit through the whole movie. Well worth it, chipping off more cement, it opened my eyes and heart. Thank you for your open heart sharing.

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  2. Someone need’s to see & feel your full shine so keep on keeping on. Your openness and commitment have already shown the world your shine! Much love & light to you on this amazing journey we call life.


  3. Great insights Miriam. I think Lori got it right. The key is you are never too old to cast off that cement and live the life you truly desire. I really like the vision you project in your Press Release. Admirable goals and principles are reflected there.


    1. Thank you very much Terry. Thanks for taking time to read and reflect on the post and my press release. Sometimes I feel like wishing for magic for people is a little silly but it makes me happy so I’ll go with that!!


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