Our current Master Key experience is developing awareness of character qualities we may not have been aware of withinside of ourselves. Shining a light of focus on one quality weekly, I’m seeing an abundance of each one…. and the abundance pile gets bigger earlier in the week. I simply observe and notice. The pile grows!

This week, I’m persistent. I’ve steadfastly continued forward, despite sometimes feeling like a weed-wanderer and today something opened! There was a moment where I FELT like love! In that epiphanized moment there was a shift from thinking about love, speaking love or having loving-kindness in my head space, to feeling like I’m made of the particalized fabric of love. I felt a love-connection to everything around me.

I thought of the Jesus Movement in the late ‘60’s. What a glorious and powerful experience that must’ve been. Separating its purity from the drugs, etc. there must’ve been a similar atmosphere to the peace, joy and ethereal unity I felt in a moment today.

I’ve heard the comment, “You were made first class, by first class, for first class” a few times over the course of my Master Key experience. Today I have a new knowing-place: I was made by Love, conceived in Love, created for Love, and all by and through the very God of Love Himself.

From this moment, I neeeed to live LIFE in that place! I need more, Lord.

Thank you.


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