MK2 WK22: Epic Journey

We’ve spent epic months together in the MKE, (ending year 2 for me) each one listening for a personal pulse and the rhythm, searching for a personal path toward a more expansive understanding of who each was created to be. We’ve built tribes with those who seek, no YEARN for awareness and understanding into the deeper heart-calling of “who am I and what am I here for?” We’ve pondered and written a “Definite Major Purpose” in life, dreaming and describing-forth a clear image of our dream life-journey playing forward in realtime, real-life.

My recent days spent in intermittent deep quiet have settled some things. While many life specifics are still unfolding in a peaceful way, I found that what I thought wasn’t a beautiful thing is really very beautiful. A trait I’ve known about myself and been frustrated with I now see may be one of my greatest strengths. This treasure inside me may even be the reason God created me and sent me here. I’ll need a little more time with this idea, but it may be the thing I’ve been sent here to give away at this time to each person I meet.

Lori and Lucinda’s mid-season 3 day teaching helped me completely nail a two-word description of myself perfectly (for now). Now that I have the words, the expression is flowing out of me continually. These words, combined with reality that there really is a Miriam-gift and knowing it’s here to be delivered for the greatest good, I’m thrilled to press on!

The deep-quiet these past few days helped connect these outward-expression dots. But, the biggest gift of these past quiet days and this 2 year MKE season has been giving myself permission to take time to listen to my own heart.

I can easily list the things I’ve NOT completed this year: I have not taken time to dream and finalize written details about my home or what I want to do or be or have when I grow up. But, I’m realizing that this is the journey of a lifetime and will take… a life time!

Seeing and celebrating the Miriam-treasure and respecting my heart enough to stop and listen to it… these are epic steps forward toward discovering and loving myself. I am well satisfied that its been good and will continue to be VERY good.

Was the time, effort, angst and grace required to finish MKE year 2 worth it. YES. A loud, clear, YES is what wells up inside me (that and the stuff leaking out of my eyes as I write this.) Love


3 thoughts on “MK2 WK22: Epic Journey”

  1. Wow Miriam what an amazing blog and insight in your self discovery of your heroes journey. It’s an honor and privilege to be in your tribe “The Royal Ones”
    and in this course with you.
    My heart and souls thanks you for your generous love,
    support, kindness, prayers, and guidance. God bless sweet Miriam. You are Nature’s Greatest Miracle.
    Hugs&Harmony, Naz xo🙏

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