MK2 WK22A: Choose Life

Completing focused time in quiet listening this week, I discovered a few things:

  1. I want, no I NEED more quiet thinking time
  2. I can hear and listen to my heart and begin to hear its whispered invitation to … MORE
  3. There’s an open invitation, asking if I have the courage to consider and bring forth the treasures God’s hidden inside me. These are treasures the world needs and I’m here now because now is when they’re needed. I’m connected to people and places because these are the ones who need the treasures.
  4. The gems and the jewels I have to share require that I step onto a journey-path. This path requires a level of risk, therefore I must be willing to be in a place of “not knowing”. Not knowing details or specific steps or directions. But, trusting that if I accept the risky adventure of seeking the gems, intent upon lovingly and openly sharing them, the path will appear.
  5. The only way to begin is to leap, trusting the next step to appear.

I’ve not finished the quiet yet, because I’m not in a place of settled, confident knowing. But, new awareness is awakening and drawing me more into my heart to educe ever more life-forward pieces.

I have the option of staying-put. Staying where I am means I know but I don’t grow. Knowing LIFE is always reaching toward new, open growth, I choose LIFE. The pieces will become clear if I wait and quietly listen to the whispered invitations of my heart.


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