MK2 Wk23: Following Curiosity

Miriam, you’ve decide to commit to living LIFE… really living it. It’s great to INTEND to live a rich, full life, filled with the wonder and delight of living. But, how does that really play out, Sweetie? What can someone actually DO to begin that process?

I’m going to do a mock interview, asking you a few questions, Miriam. These don’t follow a straight-line, scientific path. They’re a ramblie collection requiring you quietly sit with your own heart. (The questions are prompted by glancing through Elizabeth Gilbert’s book BIG MAGIC.)

  1. Miriam, when was the last time you felt truly light, happy and genuinely creative? If you follow your thoughts about that light, happy time, where might they lead you?
  2. What can you do and do and do and do and feel like you love it as much as ever? Like, never get tired or worn out?
  3. What makes you, sweet Miriam, feel alive and ageless? When do you forget about your age and just “play”?
  4. What feels like the best you-way to unfold the beauty in your life?
  5. What opens your heart in ways and places nothing else can?
  6. Miriam, what makes you feel like your life is bigger and happier and really very interesting?
  7. Looping back: when was the last time you felt that kinda happy-light?

Maybe, just maybe this will lead you on a curious path of discovery about what’s tucked inside. That beautiful treasure or gem quietly waiting to be discovered. And when you discover it for yourself, the whole planet will be richer. Watching your happy makes me open to following curiousity to discover my own.



4 thoughts on “MK2 Wk23: Following Curiosity”

    1. Thank you. I realize that following my bliss means noticing the things I feel happy in and about and also being aware of when I lose my peace or my happy and examining the thought behind it. If I’m meant to live in peace and joy there’s something untrue attached to a thought that doesn’t bring joy. Dang if changing the thought doesn’t change the emotion back to peace. Now THAT’s good!!

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