MK2 WK 24: Beginning

Commence: begin, start, take the first step.

Beginning this week I realize this is my life. It’s the life I’ve been given and it belongs to me. Many resources are available for my use, the most precious of which is my heart. I’ve spent the last 2 years uncovering the truth that my heart beats for a reason. The fact that I’m here means I have something of smokin’-value to contribute here… and the key is found in the question, “Miriam, what do you want?”

I’ve consistently suggested to g-kids that they take to go inside their hearts and consider the options they’re offered. “Take time to think a bit, waiting until you have a settled place inside your heart to let me know.”, said Nana (that’s me) to the children I love and even some I hardly know!

It’s within me to KNOW the value of pondering a bit. I am learning to sit. Asking for God’s wisdom and fully expecting it will be just as available for me as it is for those children, I wait.

Commencing my journey this week, without the daily structure of the MKE program, means I can choose. I’m fully able to integrate the habits and lessons, making deeply resonant choices with the treasures and priorities of my heart. Or not. I have the option of going back to the old blueprint, as it’s been squeaking pretty loudly this week.

Here’s part of what I’ve learned: habits, not knowledge produce change. Therefore I carefully protect time for daily reading of MKE material and mastermind connection. I have everything I need buried inside of me and I will sit quietly until pathway pieces gel in a settled place.


One thought on “MK2 WK 24: Beginning”

  1. Taking time to let your heart & gut (subconcious connection to all that is) weigh in on the choices before you sounds like wisdom to me.


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