Week 1 Dizzy

So, let’s get real. Heights make me dizzy. I climbed a crazy tall tower in Astoria, Oregon today. Was terrified. The whole time I’m thinking to myself, “I’m brave and very courageous”. I smiled intentionally, distracting myself with both dialog and “happy-face” muscles and deciding NOT to be the terrified woman clinging to the railing. (I passed her on the way down. Trying not to bump or crowd her, I softly whispered, “You’re doing a great job.” Clinging tightly and closing her eyes, she softly thanked me.)

I feel the same way about starting MKMMA today. Stuck in a funk, in a place of confusion about how I can make my 64.97 years of life gel into something thrilling and meaningful, I took the plunge. After “trying” stuff and birthing ideas that burst like those beautiful beach bubbles, I’m deciding to make this work. I will do well. I have no definition for that, or way of measuring it yet, but as the days unfold, I will. Here’s to this grandma climbing out of a hole and into a place of light and fun and amazing challenge.


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