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Pappress: Family Year-End Update!

Hey Fam, Thanks for an amazing year! Our family investing collaborative is celebrating its first one million dollar portfolio and we’re lined up and ready for a jump start heading into 2020. Our 20 income properties in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Las Vegas, Nevada and greater LA are earning a comfortable cap rate of 5.5% or more annually, with a property value increase of 3% or more per year. We’re absolutely loving the interest and curiosity some of you have for this family project! It’s been fun sending prospective investments along to kids and grandkids and hearing your quick thoughts on the upside and the downside of each real estate or stock investment.

The yoga retreats and get away times at Lake Michigan have been a great way to balance our time and energy. The beautiful home in Holland, Michigan has given us family and friend “get away” space, as well as given Miriam a glorious place to enjoy blogging, pursuing her yoga and her online educational offerings. She’s especially enjoying passing along great (healthy) recipes, preparing food with anyone that shows up and helping our whole clan be healthier and stronger, in every way.

The Lake House has also proved to be a great place for her to host intimate yoga retreats for women. Each of the women comes away feeling stronger, clearer, refreshed, well loved and well nourished.

This last 2 years has been quite a ride! We’re super excited to see what 2020 will bring for all of us.

Thanks to grandkids and friends who’ve taken time to love us. We Love hanging out, cooking and sharing your life thoughts and ideas… and are honored to be sharing this journey together with you.

Love and Happiest New Year EVER!

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