MKE2 Wk 18: Concentrate

Concentration and focus have been a recurring theme throughout the MKE journey. It’s no surprise that it loops again in the final thoughts of lesson 19. Haanel 19:27 “For your exercise this week, concentrate, and when I use the word concentrate I mean all the word implies; become so absorbed in the object of your thought that you are conscious of nothing else.”

I’ve struggled with this.  My mind has spent moments, months and now over a year wondering various paths. I decide to focus then find my mind wandering. I’m repeatedly, gently bringing it back to the question or idea.

Suddenly I’m noticing what’s been here all along: a method for developing focus.

Og Mandino says in Scroll 4 of “The Greatest Salesman”, “I will concentrate my energy on the challenge of the moment and my actions will help me forget all else.”

Concentration of (thought or physical energy) PLUS action is apparently one key.

Going back to the early Karate Kid movie clip I see concentration means paying attention AND doing something with detailed excellence or repetition. Wax on/ wax off in the movie trained the motion, but there’s more. Waxing a car and mowing a lawn (both tasks in the movie) are tasks requiring paying attention.

What are the ramifications of living life from the perspective of tasks attentively done well?

Accomplishing fewer things on the list-of -the -day.

Each task taking a bit longer.

The peace in my heart may rise when things meeting my eye in each space actually belong in the space.

I may plan for breathing space in our schedule. Allowing more time between activities may give me time to finish  and enjoy activities before moving on to the next one.

Without getting carried off into the land-of-high- expectations, I’m choosing to do one thing. I am making my bed with excellence. Taking extra minutes to tug sheets, straighten and tuck blankets and fluff pillows finishes the task the way I was taught to make the bed.

Stepping away to enjoy my beautiful bed I feel satisfied. I honestly did my best. Each time I walk through or past the bedroom I glance  at that bed and feel appreciation and joy for the work I did.

Attending to the task and the moment in one area will increase my concentration capacity in other areas, too.

How have you successfully trained concentration.?


9 thoughts on “MKE2 Wk 18: Concentrate”

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. As a list writer, I can appreciate your finding that if you concentrate and enjoy a task done, fewer things on the list-of -the -day are completed. Taking time to experience the feeling of a job well done is definitely worth the pause!


  2. Great insights! The thing that worked the best for me to train concentration was to set a 15 minute timer for each of the important activities I want to accomplish.


    1. Great idea Mike. Now that you mention this I’ve found that setting a timer also “ramps up” my focus. I zero-in attempting to get as much accomplished as possible. Thank you very much.


  3. Thank you Miriam for another inspiring blog and for helping me to learn to focus and concentrate which have been a struggle for me. Love you and your kindness and prayers as we travel through our heroes journey together as sisters in Christ and Royal Ones tribe members. Hugs&Harmony, Naz xo🙏❤️🤙🗝👩‍🚒🚒👑

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    1. Oh beautiful friend thank you. , I wish there was a way I could be more tangibly helpful. My own story is so close to the pain of yours… it’s extremely frustrating to know the path but I’m thankful we’re in it together. 💜

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      1. I just want the pain to stop. I keep on praying, Fear not, only believe. It’s all in God’s hands but my heart aches for my grandson. Thank you sweet sister of Christ for your prayers and love.
        Hugs&Harmony, Naz xo🙏❤️🤙🗝👩‍🚒🚒👑💔👦🏻🙌

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