Week 10 Almost Perfect


Here’s perfect. This is the view with the sun dappled waves that breathe inspiration into pages of writing and sand castle design and grandkids with sandy butts playing on a quiet beach…and maybe even a kite surfing lesson! This is my absolute favorite place on the planet. When I rub Aladdin’s lamp, a lovely home here is wish one. It’s my happy place to host friends and family, all of us sharing my beautiful Lake Michigan.

A very lovely lakefront condo is available, at a pretty “reasonable” price. The way-up-high view of the waves is framed with tiny condo deck edges, concrete driveways and a large collection of ivory colored garages. The path to the lake winds down the side of the sand dune and through a maze of concrete. Another lifetime would’ve found me racing toward this option. I’d rationalize that being near the lake was good enough and explain that if I don’t look down I won’t see the driveways or garages or tiny deck edges. My temptation would be to settle and be happy with “good enough”. I’d look the gal in the mirror in the eye and explain that she’s being pretty darn picky to expect perfect and she cannot expect every single thing, as she wishes.

But, that’s not true. I know that good enough is not good enough. 10-15 of the Master Keys says that I am to “create the ideal and this ideal should be perfect.” So, the condo will likely sell during tomorrow’s open house. It will be someone else’s ideal and magnificent place. I genuinely appreciate the offer, but almost perfect is no longer my target. With expectations set sand dune high, I’ll wait for my “as I wish” dream spot.


2 thoughts on “Week 10 Almost Perfect”

    1. Thank you! I’m just beginning to realize that “I can be what I will to be” and “Do It Now” are one continuous thought and that’s a new and very lovely thought.


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