Week 15: Words Build Life


I LOVE the tumble and jumble of words. Words fall out of my hand, through the pen and onto the page daily, as I write 3 pages of something called “Morning Pages”. This is a morning journaling process, a ritual to move past the nighttime swirl of foggy thought and see what surfaces as the real focus for the day or matter of great import. What is my heart REALLY thinking about each morning, as I roll out of bed? Rolling onto the page helps to clarify that discovery process.

Sorting ideas and concerns through my hand, out the ink of the pen and onto the page is like emptying a HUGE wastebasket or dumping rocks out of the belly of an airplane. The more I write the lighter, brighter and more focused my brain becomes. Thoughts focus, and grow more interesting. I can “hear” my own heart in a clear, unique way. When I allow time to hear and to write, the day shapes in a deeper, lovelier way.

I’ve read stories of people making major life shifts, using this morning page process. They tell of  writing plays and operas, starting musical careers and leaving successful legal practices to dance. Taking time to sift through the rubble of thought, day, and ideas and find the gems …. they expand, craft and build upon the gems.

For several years, I didn’t read the morning pages after writing them. I was going through a life upheaval and it felt freeing and cathartic to have a safe place to “dump” the unhelpful thoughts so my day could move forward. I realize now that there may have been a few treasures that I overlooked during those years, but probably not much. During that season, the main value was that it felt like someone was listening to my heart and helping me walk through another day that might otherwise have sucked life and breath out of me. I wrote to continue living.

The Julia Cameron book “Artists Way” describes the morning page process. I’ve read the book numerous times and lead an Artist Way group for 6+ years so I’ve walked the process through for myself and with others. One line from Julia’s book sticks with me and hops off the page each time I read the book. Cameron describes herself during a life transition of great tumult. She’s staying in a rental home overlooking a mountain, and writing daily while staring at the mountain. She may have been about a month into the process, and describes the “suddenly shift” she experienced: “And then, one wet morning, a character named Johnny came strolling into my pages. Without planning to, I was writing a novel. The morning pages had shown me a way.” (Pg15 Artist’s Way)

There’s something supernatural about daily showing up to the work, creative work especially. Cameron labels the pages as a “pathway to a strong, clear sense of self.” She also mentions numerous times in the book that she realizes that when she’s in the flow she’s not the person writing the pages. Something outside of her guides her hand. There’s something else that takes over the pen and the words flow from a place outside of herself. She describes words and ideas, thoughts and solutions, all waiting in an external ether, like God has set things into a swirl all around us and is quietly waiting for someone to pick up the pen or do the creative work to birth what’s waiting to be born or bring new life form into the world.

Once the pen is grasped and the thoughts birthed, the word and thought-honing process begins. Enter: my choice. What do I want to create? Life: strong, clear and beautiful? Death: good thoughts and intentions, deconstructed into shards and fragments of darkness and negativity. 15:20 of the Master Key this week says, “…  accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.” So, there are at least two process phases: first: making myself available daily to capture the ideas and swirling thoughts from my head and from the external ether, into words on the page. Second, crafting written thoughts that express the form of ideal beautiful, strong, clear LIFE. I choose LIFE.


4 thoughts on “Week 15: Words Build Life”

    1. Cristin, thank you and it is interesting … it takes a little time to get into the flow, but the rewards are lovely and sometimes very lovely and surprising things walk onto the pages! 🙂


  1. Miriam! I have the Artist’s Way book and was diligently doing morning pages up until recently when I let MKE take over and switched my morning routine to that. There is room for both and I need to return to this. I randomly chose your blog today and here is my reminder. Thank you to the Universe and to you.


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